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India is particularly well known for Monsooned Malabar, a unique coffee that was extremely popular in Europe during the 19th and 20th centuries.

The flavors of Monsooned Malabar were originally unintentional and were simply a byproduct of transporting green coffee beans to Europe. The journey from India to Europe took approximately 6 months and the coffee, which sat in the hull of the ship, would absorb moisture from the sea and the humid winds. The moisture led the beans to swell to a larger size and turn a pale beige color. The taste of the coffee became smoother, softer and fuller. 

Today, though shipping technology has advanced and now allows for the control of moisture in hulls, the demand for Monsooned Malabar remains, leading some producers to recreate the conditions of this particular coffee using special setups in their warehouses that take advantage of the monsoon winds.


Please note our green bean stock levels are subject to change and there may be the rare occasion where for whatever reason we are unable to fulfil your order. In this instance we would get in touch to decide a resolution. 

Monsooned Malabar

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  • Coffee Grade: Monsooned AA

    Varietal: Catimor, Caturra, Kent, S795

    Processing: Monsooned

    Altitude: 1,100 to 1,200 meters above sea level

    Region: Karnataka & Kerala

    Farm Size: <10 hectares on average

    Harvest Months: November - January

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