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Morningstar™ Roasters launched in February 2024. Its aim is to provide a range of coffee roasting machines, parts, service and training, all available from one UK based premises and website location.


We are located in the historic coastal town of Amble, Northumberland, which has a stunning mixture of wild countryside and seascape. Northumberland has the lowest number of people per acre in England, and the highest number of castles!


Our customers range from home roasters, to people who want to start their own coffee roasting business, to existing roastery businesses who need to expand their roasting capacity.


Our parent company, formed in 2013 is Mocha Mondo Coffee Limited ( ). Together with it's associated website, ( which has become the main UK retail site for Aillio Bullet Roasters) we offer help, guidance and training for new coffee shops, mobile takeaways, roasteries and mail order coffee sellers. We have helped over a hundred new businesses both near and far. So, using the expertise gained from Mocha Mondo, our new flagship Morningstar™ Roasters was born.


Our focus is on the customer rather than the manufacturer, so as we offer a range of roasters from several manufacturers, you can be confident that our aim is to match your requirements. 


Starting with just a few industry leading roaster manufacturers, we aim to extend our range of varying capacity roasters as we grow within our first year. Dawn, our roastery manager together with her assistant Katy have actually roasted coffee using all of our initial range of machines. So we feel confident to promote them to you in the knowledge that they will serve your needs as they have done ours! Amanda, our sales manager, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to make your purchasing journey trouble free.


Our social media marketing team is overseen by Laurie, who manages the group’s websites and social media platforms. Our Instagram account for Morningstar™ Roasters is morningstarroastersuk and you can find us on Facebook at Morningstar Roasters.

CALL US: 123-456-7890

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