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*Pre-orders available from August 1st 2024, get in touch with us here to join our waitlist and secure a machine from our first delivery.

Estimated shipping in Autumn 2024. This date is subject to change and availability*


The Aillio Bullet R2 is a more powerful upgrade to the Aillio Bullet R1 Classic. With icredible precision and an additional power stage. The R2 roasts 150g to 1kg of coffee to first crack in under 7 minutes. 


The biggest differences between the Aillio Bullet R2 and the Aillio Bullet R1 Classic are:  

  • More powerful heating capacity (1700W)
  • Additional intelligent sensors and functions to control air flow (FlowSense) and easier cleaning with Chaff Filter Alert and QuickClean Maintenance
  • Bean Deflector: No more stray beans running away from your cooling tray.
  • Hybrid Control Panel: More information, at higher resolution. 
  • Barometric Pressure Sensor: Another data point that is particularly useful for those roasting at higher altitudes.
  • Wi-Fi Support: Not available at launch, but definitely happening.
  • Personalized Sound: The Bullet R2 series speakers are much louder and clearer than the Bullet R1 Classic, with the ability to narrate the roasting process with customized sounds you can upload yourself.
  • Integrated Roasting Light: Far brighter than the Bullet R1 Classic’s USB light, our integrated roasting light really shines a spotlight on what’s happening in the drum.
  • Dust Filter for Electronics: Another nice to have feature that will keep your induction board happy and clean, no matter how “chaffy” your roasts get!


The Aillio Bullet R2 is ideal for ambitious home roasters as well as for professionals who use the device for training or roast smaller production quantities for sale. The Bullet R2 has a number of new features and under-the-hood workflow improvements that users who roast frequently, or who demand greater precision, will love.


We ship Aillio roasters out to customers directly from our premises in Northumberland, meaning NO customs duty or handling feesShipping and VAT are INCLUDED in the price shown, there are NO additional charges or hidden fees.

Aillio Bullet R2

Sales Tax Included
  • Capacity - 1kg (roast between 150g to 1kg)

    Induction power - 1700W power

    Power stages - 10 different stages

    Power delivery precision - outstanding precision (+ / - 0.5%)

    Dimensions - L: 40cm x W: 68cm x H: 53cm

    Weight - 21KG

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