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The FZ94 Evo allows Roastmasters to explore the entire coffee roasting spectrum with absolute control and endless options. This lab roaster is incredibly precise and offers a vast batch capacity range, from 100g to 2.4kg. It is the perfect tool for expanding your roasting capabilities and exploring infinite roast profiles. Leveraging the benefits of our original award winning FZ94 Pro-Lab roaster, it marks an evolution in advanced lab and shop roasting.

The FZ94 Evo is fully electric and eco friendly, promising low emissions and fantastic energy saving. 100% efficiency and sustainability, 5% consumption, 0% combustion emissions. When Combined with an Avirnaki, Coffee-Tech's smoke elimination system, the FZ94 Evo would release zero emissions and is completely chimney-free.


​Main features


Automated Roast Profiles

Repeat your custom-designed profiles.


Intuitively Operated

Using a high-end touch screen.


Efficient Control

Electric driven heat modulation, from 1 to 100%.


Wide range of batch capacities

from 100g sample roasts all the way to 2.4kg batch roasts.


Drum speed and venting control

Create and save roast profiles to run automatically.


Plug-and-play operation

intuitively easy to use


Precise monitoring

Via individual probes and PID controllers


Seamless data logging

Record and analyse your roasts with PC-supported software, featuring bean temp, drum temp, and rate of rise graph.


Technical Specification


Batch Capacity

0.1– 2.4 kg (0.2 – 5.3 lbs.) of green coffee


Roasting Cycle

16-18 minutes for a full batch (after preheat)


Quality and safety compliance



Electrical Specifications

220-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 3600 Watt single phase


Drum Motor

1/8 HP AC, heavy duty


Heating Method

Special made, electrical, high temp heating elements (3X1000 watt)


Chaff Collection

Cyclone type chaff collector for roasting and an additional trap box type chaff collector for the cooling.


Operation Method

Manual or automated, modulated operation of heating elements; digital frequency inverters for controlling convection vs conduction ratio (airflow blower) & drum speed



An external cooling group with removable perforated aluminium pan for immediate heat absorption and transformation, with a high capacity centrifugal cooling blower


Process Quality Control

Large Pyrex lens, sampler, and three separate temperature readings (beans, drum ambiance, and exhaust) for optimal monitoring of your roasting progress, data logging and automated roasting enabled



67(w) X 77 (d) X 88 (h) cm / 26(w) X 30(d) X 35(h) Inch



65 kg (143 Lbs)

FZ94 EVO 2.4KG Roaster from Coffee Tech Engineering

£16,718.40 Regular Price
£15,518.40Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
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  • Current lead times vary, please get in touch with us first if you'd like to check lead times and current stock. 

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