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Rinza® Milk Frother Cleaning Tablets dissolve in warm water to easily remove milk residue and buildup in steam wands, valves and tubes. They contain cationic surfactant for additional cleaning confidence.  Safe, easy, and efficient transport benefits compared with the liquid alternative.

This solution (one tablet per 250ml warm water) can be used on automatic milk frothers, manual steam wands, traditional and super automatic espresso machines and milk pitchers.

Rinza Milk Cleaning Tabs (Acid)

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  • For use on Automatic Milk Frothers

    • Create solution of one tablet per 1000ml warm water
    • Insert suction tube into solution
    • Run entire solution through frother
    • Repeat above with fresh cold water to thoroughly rinse all components


    For use on Steam Wands and other dairy-related equipment

    • Create solution by dissolving one tablet per 1000ml warm water
    • Soak parts or steam wand for 15-30 minutes in solution
    • Rinse all components with fresh cold water

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