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Coffee-Tech Engineering presents Avirnaki (literally ‘clean air’ in Hebrew). The first-ever smoke elimination system for in-store coffee roasting. This revolutionary machine makes indoor roasting accessible to all. With Avirnaki, there is no longer the need to depend on bulky, complicated and expensive ventilation systems. Avirnaki allows roasters to focus on what’s important – roasting.

From now on, shop roasting can be simple, safe and affordable. Avirnaki is an environmentally  friendly smoke trapping system. The machine absorbs smoke, channelling it into cleanable, detachable, full flow trapping fields. It converts the smoke’s harmful substances into solids, which are trapped inside the cleanable fields. These solids are then separated from the entire flow. The result is clean, purified air. The system also reduces gas exhaust temperatures by roughly 70%.


Avirnaki is an electrical device that excels in its low energy consumption and simple maintenance. An electrically regulated airflow ensures top performance throughout the entire roasting process, time and again.

Venting devices and ducts that require periodic cleaning and maintenance, are often responsible for poor roasting results due to bad venting and are rightfully regarded as a major fire hazard. Avirnaki
blows all these issues away. Maintenance is easy and entirely in the hands of the user. It requires nothing but tap water and environmentally friendly cleaning solvents.

Avirnaki is suitable for roasting in retail stores, supermarkets, shopping malls and other venues where fresh coffee is served. While Avirnaki works best with Coffee-Tech Engineering’s advanced shop and lab roasters, it can easily be fitted to work with any shop roaster.


Technical Specification



100% metal structure


Quality and safety compliance



Electrical Specifications

220-240 Volts 50/60 Hz. 500 Watt Single phase


Air Temperature in Outlet




42(w) X 72(d) X 91(h) cm / 17(w) X 28(d) X 36(h) Inch



71 kg (157 lb)


*Please get in touch to find out if the Avirnaki is suitable to be used with your roaster.*

Avirnaki Smokeless Ventilation System

£7,636.80 Regular Price
£7,036.80Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
If you choose to pay via BACS we can offer you a bigger discount, just get in touch at Current lead time is 5 weeks from date of payment.
  • Current lead times vary, please get in touch with us first if you'd like to check lead times and current stock. 

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