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The Gene Cafe CBR-101E incorporates state-of-the-art design, the highest quality materials and expert workmanship. It uses a unique vortex twisting, off-axis chamber, rotating the beans whilst being heated by a fluid bed of hot air to assure complete distribution of the green coffee during roasting. The CRB-101E will roast 250g batches of green coffee beans to your desired roast level, from light to a full dark roast.


Get roasting straight away by adding our x5 250g green coffee bean bundle to your roaster order. We created this bundle with the Gene Cafe CBR101-E in mind, as we know it can be difficult for hobby roasters to source small quantites of unroasted coffee beans. Each coffee includes a reccomended roast profile tried and tested with the Gene Cafe roaster and are all quality, single-origin arabica beans from a range of different regions.


Main Features

  • Even roasting due to strong air supply and constant turning drum

  • Beans clearly visible through large glass drum

  • Both time and temperature can be controlled

  • Fully automatic roasting and cooling

  • 50–250 grams capacity (200–250 grams recommended)

  • Simple and easy to understand controls:

  • Red wheel for temperature control and start and end roasting

  • Blue wheel for time control as well as switching on and off

  • Smoke outlet at one location; possibility of installing a hose for exhaust air

  • New with the 2023 model - Safety features including a larger safety cover and an automatic safety switch which pauses the roast when the safety cover is lifted.


Technical Specification

Size and weight:

Dimensions 490mm x 243mm x 229mm (chaff collector included).

Net weight: 5.5kg.

Power supply: 

240 V/50Hz

1300 watts

Power consumption: 1200 Watt


Heating: Indirect hot air (0-30 minutes)

Temperature control: 0 - 250 degrees Celsius 

Heater: 1,300 Watt

Cooling: Heater off at end of roast (manual/automatic)


Chamber material: heat resistant tempered glass tube (pyrex)

Chamber capacity: Max. 250g

Mixing type: twisting (off-axis rotation)

Ventilation and noise:

For operational use it is best to position the roaster in a well ventilated area or near an open window. Roasting produces hot gasses and smoke, so ventilation is crucial to stop the area you are roasting in being filled with smoke.

65db (Similar to the sound of a fridge).

Gene Cafe CBR-101E Green Coffee Roasting Machine Small Batch Micro Roaster

£526.00 Regular Price
£499.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • In stock and ready to ship now from our premises in Northumberland, England.

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