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This bundle includes 5 x 250g bags of green coffee beans, perfect for home roasters to experiment roasting different types of coffees. Each coffee also includes a suggested roast profile designed for the Gene Cafe CBR-101E. The green beans are all quality, single-origin arabica beans from a range of different regions.


We recognised that as a hobby roaster, it can be difficult to source green unroasted beans in small quantities, which is why we have created this affordable bean bundle with hobby roasters in mind. If you would prefer to order larger quantities of green coffee beans, you can do so here.


The bundle includes the following green coffee beans:

  • 250g of Colombian Excelso Huila
  • 250g of Brazilian Yellow Bourbon
  • 250g of Indonesian Old Brown Java
  • 250g of Honduras GEA womens
  • 250g of Mexican decaffinated 


Please note these coffees are subject to availablity and may be swapped depending on stock levels. 

Home Roasting Green Coffee Bean Bundle

Sales Tax Included
  • Coffee Grade: Excelso Huila

    Farm/Coop/Station: Various

    Varietal: Bourbon, Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, Typica

    Processing: Fully washed

    Altitude: 1,250 to 2,150 meters above sea level

    Owner: Various

    Subregion/Town: Various

    Region: Various

    Harvest Months:Year-round, depending on the region

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